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About pegshearn

Peggy Schutze Shearn is a Chicago area painter

My Solo Exhibit! Nov. 2!!

The heart of this show is my drawings, mostly taken from sketchbooks I’ve kept over the years. Ten original drawings, each about 9×12″, are professionally framed and look AWESOME. More original drawings will be for sale, unframed. And I’m going to do something interesting with copies of 100 or so more drawings. Most pieces have prices from $60 – $300. Come look! Saturday, Nov. 2, from 4- 7pm, with snacks, and music at 6pm.
Peggy Shearn


I once had a beautiful Shepard/huskie mutt who was completely devoted to me; she followed me from room to room around the house and would plunk herself down behind me when I stood at the easel to paint. There were years during her lifetime when I suffered loss and heartbreak, but the presence of this loyal companion helped me, as she seemed to say to me: just KEEP BREATHING and you’ll make it through all this. This piece was recently acquired by a collector. It brings me joy to have this piece going out into world.

A detail shot of KEEP BREATHING is below:

“Conservation Conversation” Art Opening

Join me Friday, April 5 from 6-9 pm for the opening of the Art Makers North group show at the beautiful David Adler Center in Libertyville:
Conservation Conversation is a visual discussion about the natural beauty of our environment, ecological issues and the ideal practice of sustainable living.  Artists’ works in this show represent a variety of mixed media and broadly encompass nature-related subjects, the natural sciences, natural products used as art or the relationship of the urban environment to nature.

Collagraphic Print: Ritual Object


22×30″ Hand-pulled print on BFK paper


I have been experimenting with a printmaking technique that is new to me: the collagraph. I have printed from etched copper and zinc plates before, and in some ways this is a simpler method: the printing plate does not get coated or dipped in a chemical bath–instead you print from a plate that is basically a collage. Using mat board as a base, you create a collage of cut shapes, incised lines and material glued to board, anything that is flat enough to go through the press. Then, using cards, brushes, tarleton, fingers, you spread printmakers ink on the place and run it through a press so it prints onto a damp sheet of printmaking paper.