I’ve been saving dried scraps of acrylic paint (“skins”) as I work, and remaking them into small paintings. These 6″x6″ canvases are 2″ deep – the surface and edges are “painted” with the skins. I love the way the different scraps of color work together and the interesting surfaces formed by building up the skins.

In the print shop

I haven’t done any printmaking for years, but I had the opportunity last summer to work one-on-one with printmaker Paul Campbell for a few sessions. I would be nuts to say no to that, right? Paula re-introduced me to the intaglio printmaking technique of copperplate etching. This fall, I’ve been continuing the project under the excellent auspices of painter and printmaker Philip Hartigan. I would love to describe the copperplate process, but find that people’s eyes seem to glaze over about a third of the way through the explanation, so I’ll skip that bit, and let you google it. Yes, I know, you’re not going to google it, but you can look at this print I made today (the image is from a marionette my nephew created for his street performance art, please see Mr. Bonetangles and Will Schutze).

MRS. BONETANGLES (click to enlarge image)